Horse sleigh and carriage rides

Kanefart og kjøreturer

Venabustallen arrangerer kjøreturer med hest og vogn i sommerhalvåret, og kanefart på vinterstid. Det arrangeres turer jevnlig gjennom året, ta kontakt om du er interessert i å være med på en tur. For grupper arrangerer vi turer på forespørsel.


Horse sleigh rides 2020/-21

Join our horse sleigh rides during the winter season. Please contact us for more information about dates and times.

Enjoy the beautiful Norwegian winter together with our Dolehorses. The horse sleigh ride lasts for approx. 30 minutes. After the ride you are welcome to the lavvo for a cup of “gløgg” and snacks.

Price 300,- per person, 180,- per child under 10 years old. Free of charge for children under 3 years old.

Romantic horse sleigh ride for two

Share an unique experience with your loved one, experience the winter night together at Venabygdsfjellet.

Horse sleigh ride for couples. You get the sleigh and the avvo all to yourselves. Our staff will make sure that you get an experience of a lifetime.
Romantic horse sleigh ride for two is suitable for purposals, anniversaries and other special occations.
Included in the price is drink and a snack.

Price 2000,- per sleigh. Included in the price is horse sleigh ride approx 30 minutes, drink and snack.
Choose between cacao, gløgg, tea or coffee / cured meat, sour cream waffles or a piece of cake. Champagne or other drink with alcohol can be served for an additional charge. Offer applies to two people. For more people, there will be an additional cost of NOK 100,- per person.

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Carriage rides

Venabustallen arranges carriage rides through out summer and autumn season.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Marry on Venabygdsfjellet

Getting married at Venabygdsfjellet?

Feel free to contact us for price offer on carriage rides with our wedding carriage.



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