Practical information

Praktisk informasjon

Som gjest hos Venabustallen deltar du på hesterelaterte aktiviteter på eget ansvar. Under kan du lese mer om bestillingsbetingelsene, og annen praktisk informasjon det kan være greit å vite om før du ankommer Venabustallen

Fotograf: Kristine Øihaugen
Rauen – praktisk info

Venabustallen has professional liability insurance.
We strongly recommend that all our guests have their own travel insurance that covers them for horseriding.

Acceptance of risk
Please note that horseriding trips involve a risk of hazardous situations and accidents. For example, for reasons beyond our /your control you may fall off your horse and be injured if the horse stumbles, spooks, runs faster than you wanted etc. As clients guests must recognise that they participate at their own risk.

Venabustallen and our guides work to high profesional standards and their instructions must be obeyed. All services are subject to Venabustallen’s HMS and Quality Control guidelines.  We are a member of the industry association Hest i Turistnæring.

Single rides (excluding riding holidays and weekends) can be paid in the reception at Venabu Fjellhotell before the ride. Accepted methods of payment are direct debit, credit cards and cash.

Experience level
Venabustallen arranges rides for all levels of experience. To ensure that everyone has a positive experience it is very important that you book a ride suited for you level of experience. Everyone can participate on rides with at the  level ‘walk/trot’, and we will trot if everyone in the group is comfortable. On rides at trot level it is expected that all riders have mastered the trot comfortably. On rides at canter level all riders must have mastered canter.

How to Book
Summer/autumn: You can book your ride by calling or texting +47 9221 3456, or e-mail or Facebook Venabustallen.
Bookings must be made before 18.00 on the day before your ride.
Winter: You can book your horse sleigh ride by calling +47 6129 3200, or e-mail

Cancellation by you
: Cancellations must me made 08.00 on the same day at the latest. All later cancellations will be charged the full fee. For larger groups other terms and conditions may apply, please contact us for more information. All cancellations must be made through SMS to +47 9221 3456.
Winter: Cancellations must me made 24 hours ahead at the latest. All later cancellations will be charged the full fee. For larger groups other terms and conditions may apply, please contact us for more information. All cancellations must be made by calling +47 6129 3200.

Cancellation by Venabustallen
In the rare event that our rides are cancelled due to events beyond our control, such as weather or illness, your booking fee will be refunded. For those attending riding weekends and holidays, the riding fee will be refunded.
Venabustallen does not accept liability for the consequencs of Force Majeur. If such occurances cause Venabustallen to cancel an activity we accept no responsiblity for return of fees paid prior to such cancellation.

Arrival in time for your ride
Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before your ride is scheduled to depart. Our guides may be out on another ride when you arrive. If we are not there, please find a suitable helmet inside the stables, on your immediate left, by the door. We are right around the corner!

Age limits
We operate with different age limits depending on the duration and level of the ride. For highly experienced riders the age limits can be adjusted, but this must be confirmed for each individual rider. See our “Trail Rides” page for more information on age limits.

Number of participants
We allow for a maximum of 12 riders on each ride. For larger group bookings or to book private tours (rides just for you or your group), please contact us!

All riders must wear fitted riding helmets at all times. You can borrow one of our helmets or bring your own. Footwear should be above ankle height, with a heel and soles without a deep tread. We recommend wearing pants with outward-facing seams (not jeans), to limit chafing. Please bring warm clothes, it is sensible to carry a wind- and waterproof jacket tied around your waist even is sunshine is forecasted. Weather in the Norwegian mountains can be adverse and change quickly – even in summer. The mountain sun is strong, remember to apply sunscreen on sunny days.
On longer rides our horses are fitted with saddlebags to carry some snacks, water bottles and extra clothes if needed.

Food and breaks during trail rides
Our full-day ride on Thursdays includes a traditional farm lunch of sour cream porridge, cured meats, sour cream waffles and strawberries. The full-day rides on Saturdays include a campfire lunch where we serve locally produced sausages, vegetables, coffee and dessert. If you are a vegetarian, have any allergies or other dietary requirements, please let us know upon booking!
Our shorter rides generally don’t include longer breaks, but there is always time for taking photos and having a quick snack.


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