Riding tours and riding lessons in Norway


Our horseback riding season begins mid-June 2020. You are welcome to book rides or riding holidays here. We also offer winter activities with horses.

Private riding tours may also be available, please contact us.

Fotograf: Kristine Øihaugen

Trail rides for all levels of experience

Full-day rides, 1, 2, 3, and 4 hr rides

1 hr ride
We ride through gentle terrain on paths and dirt roads. The ride gives you a taste of venturing into the wilderness on horseback and it is a great family activity for both big and small to enjoy.
Our 1 hr rides are recommended for children of school age and adults without much prior experience.
Price: 450,- per person. Lower age limit is 7 yrs. Children under 10 yrs with no previous riding experience must participate in a instructed class in the arena before the trail ride. You should master the walk to participate.

2 hr ride
The 2 hr rides take us further into the mountains and we have plenty of routes to choose from, depending on the level and wishes of the group. We can climb mountain tops, ride through quiet birch forest and explore dirt roads and forest trails through the wilderness.
We have several 2 hr rides for different levels of experience: level trot and level canter. To participate in the trot level rides you must have mastered the trot well. To participate in the canter level rides, you must have mastered canter well.
Price: 650,- per person. Lower age limit: 8 yrs, must have mastered trot or canter.

3 hr ride and 4 hr ride
These rides traverse varied terrain, with plenty of opportunities for trot and canter.  We can climb mountain peaks, ride alongside canyons and waterfalls, over rivers and across the plateau where we occasionally spot wild reindeer. Our guides will pick the best routes available, there are many options to choose from. We offer rides of a lifetime for experienced riders!
You must have mastered fast canter well to participate on our 3 and 4 hr rides.
Price: 850,- per person for 3 hr ride
1100,- per person for 4 hr ride
Lower age limit: 12 yrs, must have mastered canter.

Full-day ride
These rides allow you to experience the very best of Venabygdsfjellet. We particularly recommend Thursday’s full-day ride: we climb two spectacular mountain peaks with views over Venabygdsfjellet, Gudbrandsdalen and the Rondane and Jotunheimen national parks. We arrive at Venabu’s summer farm, Lykkjesetra, where the horses are released into the pasture and we enjoy a traditional farm lunch of sour cream porridge, cured meats, sour cream waffles and strawberries. After lunch we wander home on quiet trails through dense birch forest.
You must have mastered fast canter well to participate on our full-day rides. The rides traverse varied terrain, with plenty of opportunities for trot and canter. We arrange full-day rides every Thursday and Saturday.
Price: 1500,- per person for full-day rides including farm lunch (Thursday) or campfire lunch (Saturday). We will accommodate any allergies and dietary needs, please inform us of any special requirements when you make your booking. Lower age limit: 12 yrs, must have mastered canter.

Private riding tours
An opportunity to create your very own trail ride, tailoured to your wishes! Whether you are a first-time rider or experienced equestrian, we can adjust our rides according to your needs. Our experienced guides and lovely horses will give you the ride of a lifetime on routes to suit your level of experience. Novice riders can improve their horseback skills in gentle terrain and explore both lush forests and great open views of the surrounding mountains. Experienced riders can traverse mountain peaks, enjoy exhilarating gallops on dirt roads, explore the majestic Dørjuvet canyon and much more.
Private rides are available if Venabustallen has capacity outside our scheduled rides, so please book as far in advance as you can. Contact us for more information and prices!

Riding lessons in the arena

Instruction (40 min) in our outdoor riding arena.

Instruction followed by a 1 hr trail ride.

Instruction in the arena (40 min)
We highly recommend a group riding lesson for riders with little or no previous experience – or for those who wish to brush up on their equestrian skills. Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors teach you the basics of horseback riding necessary to participate on our trail rides. You will learn how to start, stop and turn your horse, correct posture and balance exercises, and some trotting for those who wish.
Price: NOK 450 per person. Lower age limit: 7 yrs

Instruction followed by a 1 hr trail ride
A great opportunity for someone who has little prior riding experience, but who prefers a longer horseback experience. You will spend between 1 hr and 45 min to 2 hrs in the saddle. Learn the basics of riding in the arena and then embark on a 1 hr ride in gentle terrain, where you can put your new skills to the test.
Price: NOK 650 per person (for this package where the trail ride immediately follows the instruction) Lower age limit: 7 yrs

Private lesson (30 minutes)
Our private lessons suit riders who would like an intensive lesson. A private lesson allows the instructor to focus on you and your horse. Most of our horses are hacking horses, not trained for dressage, so these lessons are also more suited to riders early on in their equestrian career. These lessons are also suitable for children below the age limit for lessons in a group.
Price 400,- per person

*Note: We offer riding lessons in Norwegian and English, and occasionally in Dutch and Spanish. Please contact us for more information.

Instruksjon på ridebanen


For the youngest riders or for those who are a bit nervous about riding

15 minute lead ride
Suitable for young children to help them become comfortable on horseback. The trail winds through quiet birch forest. All children get their own horse and are led by a member of staff.
Price NOK 150 per person. No lower age limit, but parents must accompany small children on the ride.

30 minute lead ride
Suitable for slightly older children and a great start for new riders considering an instructed class. The trail winds through quiet birch forest. All children get their own horse and are led by a member of staff.
Price NOK 300 per person No lower age limit, but parents must accompany small children on the ride.

60 minute lead ride
Suitable for older children or nervous adults who would like a fun nature experience on horseback but are not comfortable riding on their own. Our experienced horses and guides will help you relax and enjoy the experience!
Price NOK 600 per person. Lower age limit: 5 yrs.

Terms of booking

Please read the practical information before you make a reservation.

Bookings and cancellations
You can book your ride by calling or texting +47 9221 3456, or e-mail post@venabustallen.no eller Facebook Venabustallen. Bookings must be made before 18.00 on the day before your ride.

Cancellations must me made 08.00 on the same day at the latest. All later cancellations will be charged the full fee. For larger groups there may be other terms and conditions, please contact us for more information.
All cancellations must be made through SMS to +47 9221 3456 (applies only for summer)

We recommend that all our guests have their own travel insurance – that covers horseriding.

Venabustallen has its own professional liability insurance.

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